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Buddy's Beat

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Squirrel Squad

January 17th 2011 7:04 pm
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It is my duty as a member of the O-fficial Squirrel Squad to protect our yard from vermin and I do my best. I watch at the low window by the stairs all day long and I bark my head off at the slightest sign of the enemy. I run very fast and I jump really high and I bark explotives at those nasty, cheeky rodents.

Now there is winter duty. I have signed on with the Super Snowy Squirrel Squad for three months. I can't count more than three, so I am allowed to reup after those three months. I can reup three times. Then I have to talk to Mom or Lexie to figure out what's next, but I'm not gon worry 'bout that yet. Lexie says I won even remember anyway. "Remember what?," I asked her. Then she accidentamally smacked her very own paw into her very own head!

She is no longer fit for the Squirrel Squad cuz of her disability, but she got an honorable discharge cuz it was not her fault that she went blind. I think if it's your own fault, like if you did an Eddypuss thing or somethin', then maybe you wouldn't get a treat or nuthin', but I am only guessin'. I am not takin' any chances. I am watchin' carefully out the window at every moment, 'ceptin' when I am nappin' or playin' wif my toys or cuddlin' wif Mom. Or goin' potty or on a walk. Or at Oma and Opa's house. Or eatin'. Or maybe watchin' Mom eat.


Snow and Squirrels and other things that begin wif "S"

January 15th 2011 10:33 am
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There is more and more snow and more and more silly squirrels in our yard. They run and jump from snowy treetop to Neighbor Chris' roof next door. They swing on her birdie feeder and scare the birdies away. Whenever they cross onto my territory and even when they don - I bark my head off and Mom waits until she can't stand my noise anymore and let's me out the back door. I go off boundin' across the yard! Mom says she's gotta make a video a'me doin' that cuz I look like a gazelle. I hope a gazelle is a good thing. Lexie hasn't teased me 'bout bein' a gazelle so it prolly isn't bad. I dunno.

Mom seems disappointed that I have not yet brought home a squirrel for dinner. She said to leave the birds alone, but if I happen to get a squirrel, we could at least eat that. I think she's kiddin', but I'm not sure. I thought I would get to eat it, though I din get to eat that rabbit or the two birds. I don trust her. I think she would take my squirrel, too. I gotta keep tryin' though. It is in my very dogginess to chase, capture and kill those things. Grrrr!


Zaidie is a Pal in Drum!

January 14th 2011 8:45 am
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Our pal Zaidie is a diary pick today. We went over to wag at him and while we were there, Lexie noticed that Zaidie's Dogster pup id number is a Pal in drum. His id is pup number 930039.

Zaidie is a good Pal in drum, no matter if he has a diary pick or not and no matter if he is in a drum, out of a drum of playin' the drum. Lexie don make much sense much of the time. I'm tellin' you this cuz sometimes you understand her when I don. I think she jus likes to fling around big words to express people. She then said to me, "Madam I'm Adam," like that was s'posed to make sense on top of it all.

Lexie is gettin' old and I think she is havin' what Mom calls brain farts. She's havin' the real farts, too.


Book in Bed!

January 12th 2011 7:01 am
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I don mind when Mom reads in bed cuz the lights may be on, but I am stuffed into the covers so I don notice. Last night Mom did somethin' diffrent. She was readin' in the dark! What's up wif that?

She has this new green book that smells like a bully stick for some strange reason. She pulled on the corner of it and the corner came right out and lit up and she could read in the dark! I dunno what the world is comin' to when books light up and a dog can keep a diary. Whoa.


Escanaba in da Moonlight

January 11th 2011 8:27 am
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Mom said she is gonna bring home a movie called Escanaba in da Moonlight. She said I came from Chicago, but that maybe I was really a Yooper. I dunno. Lexie said it's cuz I hunt vermin an don finish my words.

Wha does she know?


Oma and Opa plus other stuff

January 9th 2011 7:59 pm
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Lexie and I got to go to Oma and Opa's house today. Mom said that they are gonna move in dependent livin' soon. She also said I wasn't s'posed to tell everypup that cuz it's privado, so don tell nopup, k? Me, I thought they already were in dependent livin' and all cuz they don live wif their Moms and Dads no more. They are all grown up. I live wif my Mom. Dad left. I liked Dad, but I like Mom way more. Always did.

It is very dark outside and Mom is tellin' me to get offa here and go to bed wif her. Fourth child jus came in an' said he don have any pants for school tomorrow and can Mom do some washin'. Mom got growly cuz like I said it is really late and there is no more time for washin'. I don like washin' either. Fourth child is growly and weepy now. I will go lick him before bed.


A Buddy by Any Other Name

January 5th 2011 6:47 am
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Would still be as sweet - BOL!

I have been doin' some re-searchin' . . . okay, Lexie did some re-searchin' for me cuz I don do the re-searchin'. Here are some extremely famous peoples who are named Buddy. Some of them are gone already, like Buddy Holly, but some are still around. I don know any of them, pawsonally, but some website said they was famous. I think most baseball players must be named Buddy.

* BUDDY HOLLY, musician
* BUDDY JEANNETTE, Hall of Fame basketball player
* BUDDY O'CONNOR, Hockey Hall of Famer
* BUDDY ALLEN, football player
* BUDDY BELL, baseball player
* BUDDY BIANCALANA, baseball player
* BUDDY BLAIR, baseball player
* BUDDY BLATTNER, baseball player
* BUDDY BOOKER, baseball player
* BUDDY BRADFORD, baseball player
* BUDDY CARLYLE, baseball player
* BUDDY CRUMP, baseball player
* BUDDY DARDEN, Politician
* BUDDY DEAR, baseball player
* BUDDY DIAL, football player
* BUDDY EBSEN, actor
* BUDDY GILBERT, baseball player
* BUDDY GREMP, baseball player
* BUDDY GROOM, baseball player
* BUDDY GUY, Musician
* BUDDY HANCKEN, baseball player
* BUDDY HARDEMAN, football player
* BUDDY HARRIS, baseball player
* BUDDY HASSETT, baseball player
* BUDDY HERNANDEZ, baseball player
* BUDDY HICKS, baseball player
* BUDDY HUMPHREY, football player
* BUDDY HUNTER, baseball player
* BUDDY KERR, baseball player
* BUDDY KNOX, musician
* BUDDY LEWIS, baseball player
* BUDDY LIVELY, baseball player
* BUDDY MACKAY, Politician
* BUDDY MILLER, musician
* BUDDY MYER, baseball player
* BUDDY NAPIER, baseball player
* BUDDY O'GRADY, basketball player
* BUDDY PETERSON, baseball player
* BUDDY PRITCHARD, baseball player
* BUDDY RICE, Auto Racing
* BUDDY RICH, Drummer
* BUDDY ROEMER, Politician
* BUDDY ROSAR, baseball player
* BUDDY RYAN, baseball player
* BUDDY SCHULTZ, baseball player
* BUDDY YOUNG, football player

There are 28 hoomans in this list who play baseball! (Thank you Lexie for countin' for me) I like to play wif balls, so that seems about right. I think if Mommas want their babies to grow up to be baseball players, they should name them "Buddy." That will give them an advantage over all the Babes, Hanks, and Joes.

Watchin' the re-searchin' is exhaustin'. I need a nap.


I am Pupular!

January 4th 2011 5:51 pm
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Our Schnauzer pal Bella found this story that talked all about what hoomans are namin' their pets these days. It turns out that Bella is the most pupular pup name out there! Bella is also the second most pupular name for the kittehs and the #7 pupular name for all other exotic pets, accordin' to some survey of somethin' or other way out there in the world.

But guess what? Buddy is the #6 most pupular name for pups! Yay, me! Arooo! And Lexie isn't on any of the lists. Gnaw on that, will ya?! BOL!


Happy New Year!

January 1st 2011 5:48 pm
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Arrrooo! It is a brand new year over here! That is so pawsome. I din know new years were so cold though. Last year, especially the last two days of it, was so warm! We got all muddy runnin' around in our yard cuz there was no more snow and the ground was all soft again and kinda wet and mushy. It looked like a big pile a'poo, actually, but it din smell like it, mostly. Today, the new year day, it is freezin' outside! The mud is all cold and hard and the lawn parts aren't squishy anymore. The wind is blowin' so hard! Even I couldn't move around enough to stay warm out there today. Are all new years like this? How long until the next one? Jeepers! I don know if I can get to likin' this kind of year. We'll see.

We had all the kids here yesterday and today and even one extra one. They stayed up way past my bedtime and then they were sleepin' in so late that Mom made my special window disappear this mornin' so that I wouldn't be yellin' loud at squirrels in the wee hours of the 10am. I don know how she does that, but my window is there and then it's not there. It's a new thing here. Lexie said something about curtains for me. That sounds ominous.

I jus wanna wish all my pup pals a good new year, one maybe a bit warmer than this one is so far, full of squirrels to chase, bullies to chew, health and belly rubs and lots of squirrels to chase.



What's My Name?

December 29th 2010 9:44 am
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Our new pal
said her Mom was concerned that she din know her name yet. If her Mom din know her name, her own name or her dog's name, I think everypup would be concerned, but if Lily don know her name yet, that's okay.

Lily is young. I used to be young(er). I tol her that even when she does start to hear her name bein' called and she says to herselfs, "Hey, that sounds familiar. I usually get treats or sumthin' when they say that thing. I should give them my attention," that she should prolly not be so quick to let on that she knows what they're talkin' 'bout cuz treats may be involved in the learnin' procession. 'Course she don get the treat unless she recognizes the name, but the trick is to find that delicate balance 'tween comin' an' gettin' the treat and then pretendin' to not quite get it so that more treats will be involved.

There will be a time when Lily responds to her name and there is no treat fourth-comin'. That's bad. That's when you have to back up jus a bit.

Lexie said sumthin' 'bout diminishin' returns on this one. Best of luck milkin' the system, Lily!

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