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It's Wet, but It's Gretta's Birthday!

June 22nd 2011 11:29 am
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It is my girlpup Gretta's Birthday today! Frosty Paws all around! (right, Mom?)

She is the best. She caught her very own birdie last week. Oh mighty hunter Gretta warrior princess! I am so prouda her. She is pawsome.

Now for the wet part. It is wet here. Mom is collectin' water when it falls outta the sky. That is totally crazy. Who would want that awful stuff? 'Cept in my water dish. But that's not enough to bath a dog in. I don like no stinkin' bath.

We had two nasty thunnerstorms yesterday. I had my thunnershirt on both times. I like my thunnershirt, but I wish I din need to use it. Meanin' I wish it would not rain an' storm no more. Ever. Lexie said that would be bad cuz the cows would die an' there would be no more Meatz™, not to mention no more Mom. Phooey. Rain has us right where he wants us - up against the wall. An' usually the baffroom wall, cuz that's where I go when the thunner happens. It's a good room for shakin' in my thunnershirt.

It did stop rainin' last night way late an' Mom made me go outside an' tiptoe across all that wet grass. She kept sayin', "Go potty!" like it was this big urgent thing or somethin'. I din go potty. Mom's smile was upside-down. We went to bed.

Mom got up at 4am cuz she couldn't sleep an' she made me go outside 'gain! I tiptoed across the wet grass 'gain an' din go potty. Mom sighed real big. We went back to bed.

This mornin' at the normal hour I bopped outta bed an' went outside an' did my business right away. I'm good like that. Then we had breakfast an' there's no rain right now. There IS a nasty vermin squirrel who is takin' big hunks outta the pet food bag on the patio. It is an empty pet food bag, meanin' empty of pet food (shoot) an' fulla logs for the fire pit. Lexie says that nasty squirrel is makin' a nest for to have new baby vermin squirrels. That jus ain't right so I am on extra squirrel patrol now.

I hope I can catch a squirrel for Gretta's birthday, only don tell her, k?

Barked by: HarleyDavidson THD, CGC (Dogster Member)

June 22nd 2011 at 7:39 pm

Good huntin Buddy! I bet GG would love a squirrel from you for her birfday!
Barked by: KEIGHTY (Dogster Member)

June 30th 2011 at 12:02 pm


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