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Dinner at Kaiser's House!!!

June 11th 2011 8:14 pm
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OMD! We were invited to Kaiser's house tonight for dinner! I mean we were invited to Kaiser's house for dinner a long time ago and we went to Kaiser's house tonight for that dinner. It was so pawsome!

First we got there an' went for a walk down the block cuz Mom said she din want me to pee in their house. I peed all up an' down the block, but appawrently I saved some cuz I still got 'cited an' peed one time right when we got in the house. You shouldda seen Lexie rollin' her eyebrows. Mom smacked my hiney, too, right when I did it. I sorry.

Then Kaiser showed us 'round an' we played a bit before dinner. Before dinnerS, I hafta say. First we had duck liver paawtay (somethin' French, I think) on a crunchy biscuit. Then we had 'nother kind a biscuit wif cheese on it! OMD! Cheese!

Then we had slices of sweet pepper an' fresh blueberries. I was so happy!

Then we played a bit an' then we had another meal! I know, right?! It was somethin' yummy that tasted like meat an' had somethin' else in the middle. So tasty!

Then we played a bit more an' then we had "dessert!" I know, right? Jus like the peoples! It was like Frosty Paws™, only a diffrent brand an' it tasted like sweet potatoes. It was delishus!

Then the hoomans all started talkin' an' stuff an' we pups got a plate cleanser that was a cranberry bone. It was s'posed to make our breath smell good. I think my breath jus smells like cranberries now, but I don care. It was tasty in the best way!

Kaiser an' I played a bit an I tried to go up on the couch like I allus do at home, but Mom said no an' shoved me back on the floor! I know, right? What up wif that? I got the idea after 'bout three times knocked offa the couch an' I stayed on the floor.

What a 'mazin' day! I wish every day was like this one. I like four meals for every meal!


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