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I am SR SOTW! How cool is that?!

April 19th 2009 1:10 pm
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Milly has chosen me to be Schnauzers Rule's Schnauzer of the Week this week! Arrrroooooooo! I am so excited *does the happy happy dance, knocks over lamp*!

I get my very own threads and everypup has been sending rosettes and stars and ribbons and good wishes - I feel like the king of Schnauzerdum! Lexie even said I was the King of Schnauzerdum. She doesn't say nice things like that very easily, so it must be true. She snickered a bit when she said it, but I'm sure that's only cuz she's kinda jealous of me. Phooey on that. I am so gonna enjoy my week in the spotlight. I just hope they turn it off at night so I can sleep good.

I am not big on threads so I hope no one minds if I don wear them after this week. Other than that it was so nice of them to make me an outfit.

Mom: Buddy, you get a thread, not threads. You get to post answers to everypup's questions over on Schnauzers Rule. They didn't make you any clothing. You can still wear your royal paw print coat from sweet Gretta, if that would make you feel good.

Buddy: No threads? Just one thread? Yeah, I better wear my special coat from Gretta. One thread wouldn't be enough to keep me warm OR make me feel royal. *trots off to find royal paw print coat*


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