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April 13th 2009 8:28 pm
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Boy was Mom on a rampage today. She helped Dad finish up the clean-out of the boys' room. Lexie and I were so excited cuz we got to see all the hidden stuff that came out from under beds and dressers in there. We were all ready for some snacks, but then Mom shooed us out of the room with a broom! That was just like in the movies! Yikes - we did not want to get out, but we had no choice.

Then Mom did about 274 loads of laundry. I jus' kept seein' her go down to the basement and come up with a basket. Then she would go all over the house and give out clean stuff. Then the empty basket would go down again and come up again all full again, and over and over again. She says her feet hurt. My eyes hurt from watching. I do like the piles of warm clean stuff she dumped out on the bed. That was so nice of her. She didn't seem to want me keeping the clean stuff warm. I don't understand why she doesn't preciate my help. Hmph!


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