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Jenna here and gone

March 28th 2009 5:22 pm
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Jenna came and stayed with us yesterday. She just left. That was such a short visit this time. I like it when Jenna is here cuz she will at least pay attention to me and kinda play wif me a bit. Lexie has taken to eating whatever she can get her paws on and she is still bloated and gassy and not moving so fast. Mom is worried cuz she got into a lot of stuff lately. I thought it was a blast. The last thing we got into was a bag of sweet potato treats. They are just sweet potato, nuthin' else. Mom said my poo looked exactly like a Thanksgiving side dish this morning. Smelled like it, too.

Mom says I me-table-eyes food good, but Lexie is having a harder time of it. I always gots my eyes on food, so I know she's not lying. Lexie does, too, but she's just not as good at me-table-eyezing. I'm taller, too, so I can see up by the table top easier than she can. I'm not getting fat like Lexie, so I guess I can keep my eyes on the table for now.

I am gonna go get my paw print coat that Gretta's mom made me cuz it's cold and snowing outside. I thought snow was for winter, but I guess I was wrong. I think it happens all year round. I vaguely remember something green all over outside at one point. Maybe I was dreaming in color . . .


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