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February 25th 2009 3:09 pm
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My good pal Ernie George has spoken before about the "man-skirt" that he, a Scottie, wears with pride. I am not Scottish. I am German. I admire Ernie George and his indifference to the comments of the non-Celts out there, but I had not ever thought I would be sportin' one of 'em meself!

Mom told me I have always pretty much had a skirt, as well as feathers, but that they just hadn't recently been distinguishable from all my other furs on my back and rear and ears cuz they was all long. Feathers?!!! Arroooooo! What's all this?

Mom has been talkin' about doin' our groomin' herself to save money cuz it's about $95 to have us both done at the fancy groomer place. She started saving up and buying clippers, cool lube, tweezers and even one of those big tables with a noose on it like the fancy place has! Lexie's boypup said his mom grooms them all the time so his mom got a hold of our mom and told her all how to do it. Now we are sunk!

She got out the table today and started wif me! Oh, Law! but I was scared. I shook so much that the table began to walk its way across the kitchen floor! She gave me a peanut butter treat and I calmed down a bit. (This is pre-salmonsicka outbreak treats, so they's okay) She did my whole self and I did great! She was so proud of me. But when I was done I suddenly had a man-skirt and feathers! Not even any good for real feathers neither. I tried to take off over a puddle this afternoon and those feathers din help one bit. I came right back down in that puddle! Hmph!

She took lots of photos, so I know they'll be showin' up here soon, much to my charred grin. Phooey!


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