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Buddy's Beat


January 29th 2009 1:56 pm
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Mom told me that I am incorrigible. I think this means I cannot be recycled. Only corrigated paper and stuff like that can be recycled. I don't wanna be recycled, so that is good. I want to be first pup. Lexie can go and be recycled.

Mom says I am crazy like a fox. I don see any foxes around here and that is crazy, cuz it is cold outside and there is good food and water in here, not to mention toys and cookies and shoes and dirty kids' faces and sometimes even syrup spilled onto the floor just for us. Foxes may have holes, but the Buddster has a good place to sleep.

Mom says I am domineering and we both know what that means. Okay, so I do knock things over every now and then. Who doesn't. If I knock one thing over and that thing knocks something else over and that thing happens to push something else over, one thing after the other, well, sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles. I can try to be careful, but sometimes I don't do that so good. Besides, I thought dominoes was a fun game.

Mom said she had to justify my adoption to Dad. She said, "Just if I get one more schnauzer, he won't mind." She was right.


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