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Hey, Mom!

January 17th 2009 7:15 am
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Hi Mom! How's it going with the 6-Pack? We are cold up here, Mom. School was closed for two days in a row. I keep forgetting how cold it is, but then Dad opens the back door and I run out . . . and then I run back and scratch on the back door. I know you remember how I used to do that back when you were here. It's just like that still.

Lexie is discomboobulated and whiney. I told her you were a good Mom while we had you. Kirby asked if you had cleaned out the checking and savings accounts before you left. He said that would mean you weren't coming back. Dad just looked at me funny when I asked him about that, then he got this worried look on his face and logged on to the bank website and starting punching in numbers. I don't know . . . he looked okay afterwards. Kirby said if Mom doesn't come back, she will be sitting on a beach somewhere under an umbrella with a drink in her hand and sand between her toes. Sounds uncomfortable.

Well, I miss you Mom. I hope you come home again cuz I miss you. No one double-feeds me since you aren't here to not know that Dad already fed me.

Love, Buddy


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