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Thank you!

January 14th 2009 5:51 am
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Thank you for the warm hugs today, Secret Pal! I chased those butterflies, too, even though Mom says that's kinda mean. hehehe

The temperature is hovering around ZERO this morning. It's very cold, colder than yesterday, though tomorrow is supposed to be even colder. Mom is going to Florida tomorrow and hopes that her plane won't be frozen to the runaway. She said she was gonna runaway anyway cuz it's too cold to stand still here. You end up doing the "coyote." The Wiley Coyote. See, he gets frozen solid somehow and then the roadrunner beep-beeps him and he shatters into a gazillion tiny pieces. I told Mom he was okay cuz he got up for the next cartoon, but she said that wasn't real. Yeah, right. It was right there on the television!


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