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December 26th 2008 10:19 pm
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You know how I don't likes puddles? Well, they are all over the place all of a sudden. Someone pulled the plug on winter and we are getting real puddly. It is 50 degrees outside, which is too warm for snow to live, so it is doing the wicked witch thing all over the patio. Oh, I do not like puddles. Mom took us for a walk around the block tonight and it was dark and I even walked straight through a bunch of puddles without realizing it, like doin' it before it was too late and I had done it. Like that. I wasn't happy. Mom kept sayin', "Good boy!" when I would walk through one and I got distracted and started lookin' round for a treat and then there I would be, in the middle of another puddle again and Mom sayin', "Good boy!" again and I got all confusticated. I also got wet.

That panting dog is there again. I am so gonna pmail the Dogster advertising team and tell them they need to stop putting up ads with panting dogs whose eyes don't stay still in their sockets. It is making me nawshus. (Mom just put a sticky note over the panting dog and now I feel better. "Good Mom!")

We had company tonight. Teenagers. They din bug me, but I barked at them, mostly cuz Lexie was barking at them. Mom kept shushing Lexie, but she kept barking. I started telling her to stop barking, too. Then Mom told me to stop telling her to stop barking. I was jus trying to help! For barking out loud!

First child, age 16, is playing her violin, even though it is past midnight. Mom says she is playin' in a minor key, but I know she is playin' in her bedroom cuz her bedroom is right next to MY bedroom. It is pretty music and sleepy music, like lulla-byes. I think I am getting sweepy. Oh, I will go and dream of Gretta. (turns three circles and drops. Snores.)


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