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November 24th 2008 2:51 pm
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Gretta just asked me what my plan was to get the most out of Thanksgiving Day. I told her that my family was going to do something heretical and eat out at a restaurant, but surely Lexie and I would be going along. Then I started to think about all those other times when Lexie and I got to go along to the restaurant. Hmmm.

That would be a total of one time. That time we went to Culvers on the way home from Oma's house up north and the family ate outside on a picnic table and we got to be leashed to the table leg.

I am beginning to get a bit worried. If Mom isn't making the big, ginormous family meal at home with the turkey, dressing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, squash, salad and pumpkin pie, AND if she's not inviting over Oma and Opa and Uncle so that there isn't enough room at the kitchen table so some folks will have to carry paper plates out into the living room AND if Lexie and I aren't there to tag-team the smallest children and run rings around their legs as they carry their over-burdened plates and make them trip ever so slightly so that their plates tip and spill delectable edibles onto the floor that necessitate quick cleaning (I am so there!), then what shall I do?


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