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Milkbone Game

October 6th 2008 9:53 am
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Did you know there is something called the Milkbone game? Mom told me all about it cuz some humans were apparently playing it the other night during the Vice Presidential debate.
Here's how it works, you pick your favorite television show and you pick something that someone says on that television show all the time and you sit around with a bunch of your best pup pals and a big bowl of Milkbones (or other favorite treat - bully sticks are the best!). Then you watch your show and whenever you hear that word you have agreed on before the show, you each get to eat a Milkbone (or stash a bully stick or whatever it is you are playing for).
So, for those of you at home who may be playing this game . . .


(Wasn't that a mavericky thing to say?)


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