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Which Way Did They Go?

September 24th 2008 7:51 pm
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Everypup seems to be going somewhere lately. Jelly is at the kennel while her Mom is on a trip. Lacey and Shakespeare's mom is going down to Florida for a wedding. Bentley's mom is gonna have surgery (pray for her!) so Bentley won't be around for a while after the first week of October. Lexie's boypup Zubee and his five furblings are gonna have a sitter for two whole weeks while his pawrents take a long trip. And today Mom took me to this new groomer lady and got me all spiffed up. I wonder if I'm going on a trip, too? Mom better not be planning on leaving me home without her. Who would feed me?

The new groomer lady was nice to me, even though she did give me a bath and cut my nails and used that buzz saw thingy on me. She gave me a bandananana to wear and then she gave Mom a fancy clicky pen to write with and it had her name on it - the groomer lady's name, not Mom's name - and a magnet to stick on our stainless steel refrigerator so that we know her phone number - the groomer lady's phone number, not Mom's phone number - and can call her again in case I ever need spiffing up again. That was nice of her. (The groomer lady, not Mom.)

Do you know what? Stainless steel frigerators are not really made out of stainless steel. For one thing, they stain. They get finger and paw and miss prints on them every single day. For two things, magnets would stick to stainless steel, but they don't stick to our new frigerator. They just fall right off on the floor. Mom says that is one thing she didn't realize when she bought the fancy schmancy new faux-stainless steel refrigerator. That also means that our new groomer lady magnet has to go on the side of the aluminum frigerator instead of the front. Or it could go on the side of the shiny toaster, but Mom said it just might melt even though the box said that the toaster was "cool touch." I'm never allowed to touch the toaster, so I can't vouch for how cool it is, but it does look pretty neat.

I think that there should be a disclaimer on those brand shiny new expensive "stainless steel" frigerators that explains to buyers that what they are getting really doesn't have a lot to do with real stainless steel, that magnets won't stick to the front of it, and that it gets printy stains just like everything else in our kitchen. The big box it comes in makes up for all those detractors, though. It's a really cool box and 4th child was just thrilled with that box. I kinda have boxtrophobia and I didn't wanna go in it, but I think it's cool touch that the fake frigerator comes with a fort for the kids. Kinda makes that magnet malfunction not so bad in the end.

Dog, but I am worn out. I guess it's just easier to type when your nails are freshly trimmed.


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