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Expanding My Horizons

September 11th 2008 9:09 am
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I am learning so many new things and meeting so many new pals. I must be growing up or something.

I am now ready and able to bark at more things, including large or loud cars and almost every school bus, truck or maintenance vehicle I see. Mom must be so proud of me, cuz she always tries to yank me back towards her to reward me or something when I do this and she says my name loudly. I know, Mom. I'm just that good.

I also met a couple more neighbors this week. Mocha is one I have sorta kinda met, or at least seen and heard her through her front window as we walked by. She's small, even smaller than me and Lexie, and she barks at us a lot. I think she is a Shih-Tzu. We walked by her house this morning and she was tethered outside and came down near the walk to say hello. Mom let us greet her, but not get close enough to actually make contact. Our greeting brought Mocha's owner outside and she reeled Mocha back in. She musta been proud of Mocha like my Mom is proud of me.

Then there is Pops. Pops moved in recently this summer and he is one of those smaller, low-slung fluffy breeds that I can't remember. I know I need practice in the barking department cuz no one barks longer or louder than Pops. For a small guy, he can really belt it out. You can hear him all over the neighborhood. At first Mom thought the new neighbors had gotten a seagull as a pet. I don't know what she's talking about. It was obviously a dog. I am almost jealous of Pops' vocal endurance. Again, his pawrents must be super proud of him. Mom says those kids who walk him never pick up. I told her that our human kids don't pick up anything either. I don't know how Mom knows that Pops' human kids don't pick up. Maybe she is just assuming that all human kids are the same? Anyway, Pops left a greeting card on the lawn that we could read.

I gotta go and practice more barking. I get such a positive reaction outta Mom when I do it, I might as well do it more.



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