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August 26th 2008 6:14 am
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Mom says school is about to start again. I vaguely remember something about this last year, shortly after I came to live here. I remember it became much more quiet around here. Lexie says it's fantastic because we get Mom to ourselfs. I think I remember a sense of lack, of emptiness, of boredom. I may be wrong. Mom says she is going to school this time around, too. Lexie said normally that would be the "last straw," but that Mom is taking classes at night after the kidlets and Dad are home. Someone will still be here to feed us.

I think school must be a very good thing because Mom seems to be very, very pleased with it. She has had this thing called a Widget on her Desktop all summer that counts down the days until school starts. I wonder if this special day will involve treats. There is a countdown thingy on my page that tells me how many days are left until my third birthday and that involves Frosty Paws.

Last year the four kids were in four different schools. This year three of them will be at the same school and fourth child will be at the elementary school just up the street from their school. Both schools are walking distance from our house. Mom is elated. Doesn't make much difference to me since schools are basically NDA* zones. That is one thing that will change ASAP when I enter office as President come January. That reminds me, I'm still waiting on an answer from my proposed running mate, Shakespeare. I love running and it would be fun to have a pal to do it with. I better send out another p-mail.

Wag the Dog,

*NDA = No Dogs Allowed


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