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I am in Awe

August 17th 2008 7:16 pm
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My pal Demon Flash Bandit is running for president in this fall's election and I think I just have to vote for him. He is one of the smartest dogs I know. He can open doors, including the car door. He can turn off his mom's computer by stepping on the surge protector buttons if she is taking too much time on the Internet. He can turn the radio on or off in the car if he doesn't like where the conversation is going while on the road. He can even speak human and make campaign speeches and get out the vote! I can't even push a cracked door open wider with my nose so I can scooch through. Even Lexie can do that. (What do you mean, even Lexie can do that?!!) Lexie - get offa my page. It's my turn! And don't you even think of sneaking down under that chair to get near the surge thingy!

I think maybe I am missing out on big important things in life. Things like politics, rock and roll music, electrical connections and language acquisition. I think maybe I better start paying attention and get myself an edumacation. I think I better stop goofing around and start taking more responsibility for the things that go on in this world of ours!

Nah. I think I'll take a nap instead.


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