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Buddy's Beat


August 13th 2008 5:13 pm
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I am a two-year-old. Mom says two-year-olds are tiring. I do not think I tire anything. Today we had a visit from a human two-year-old. I barked at it a lot, but he didn't get the idea. He just stayed all morning. I barked when he moved, too, which was a lot. He kept calling me a "woof-woof." I told him quite forcibly that the proper term was "dog," and "Buddy" to be exact, though I do answer to "food," "treat," "walk," and "squirrel."

"Well," he replied, "I am calling you woof-woof!" I barked at him again.

Mom said that I am assertive (or was that aggressive?) enough to bowl this humanling over, so at least once I was shunned to the back yard . . . in the rain no doubt!

Mom says that I was surrendered by my first family, who had small humans like this one. Yeah, I sayz - what of it? Are you tryin' to say somethin', Mom? I put my paw down and said it was me or the humanette. Musta worked cuz this pretty lady came and took the kidlet off in her car after lunch. Hmph! I know who's got the power.

*does little circle dance* "Can't touch this! Can't touch this!"


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