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Buddy's Beat


August 6th 2008 9:14 am
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We just got back from our morning walkie (on our new leashes, no doubt) and we encountered a rat! We shot to the end of our leads as soon as we saw it, but Mom reined us in, as usual. No fair! We are ratters, Mom. Born and bred to catch vermin just such as this! Our true, natural and instinctive calling is brought to bear, and does she let us do that for which we have been born? No!

Mom said that 1) we were both born to love and amuse her, and 2) that said rat was flopping all over, running crazily and then somersaulting and doing this in the full light of day, meaning he must have something akin to Mad Rat Disease, something she would never want to expose us to. I see no sense in any of it and just wish I couldda laid my teeth into his hairy rat's bass end, but I had no choice but to tug, dance and pant there on the sidewalk as the prey wobbled uncertainly up someone's front sidewalk, up their porch and then toppled off into the bushes. Sigh.

Hey, Lexie - how about expanding the SOS business menu to include Rat on a Stick? Chippy on a stick? Mouse on a stick appetizers?


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