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Barking Orders!

July 30th 2008 3:40 pm
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Lexie is starting up a business called Squirrel on a Stick, Inc. I am so excited cuz I have never tasted squirrel and I want to, badly. Unfortunately she says I have to help her catch the dern things first. This complicates matters as I have been trying to catch a squirrel since my eyes first opened to the light of day nearly two years ago. I have not yet succeeded. I once caught a bird and also a domestic rabbit (oops), but a squirrel? The ultimate accomplishment? Not so much. But I now have barking orders to try my hardest and then, to add injury to lots of hard work, I am also ordered not to eat or damage the dang thing once I have brought it down and throttled the life outta it. I think this is too much to ask, but she insists it is for the good of the business and that we will make a killing (like, duh!) and be able to buy whatever we want to eat with the profits.

I just hope we don't have to wear uniforms. I hate uniforms. And hair nets - no freakin' way!


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