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ABQ and Sardine Juice!

July 8th 2008 3:45 pm
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I am so excited to post cuz we had lots of good stuff happen today. First of all, a package arrived from our pal Kirby in ABQ, New Mexico! And thanks to the cool ABQ abbreviation, I can now refer to that city in New Mexico with the long name that Weird Al Yankovik sang about that is hard for me to spell! I can't spell Weird Al's name either.
And what was in the package, you might ask? A book about New Mexico with notes posted in on sticky pad sheets, telling us all about the place and the neat things you can do there. Also a cool NM mug for Mom with chili peppers all around it and a rubber stamp of a chili pepper! How cool is that?! I got to sniff the box and I could definitely detect a very southwestern smell to it. Very interesting.

The next cool thing was Mom ate a can of sardines for lunch. Talk about an interesting smell! Wow. The kids said it stank, but I know a good smell when I smell it. When she was done eating her little fishies, she poured out the oily juice from the sardines into a small bowl and let Lexie and I lick it up! OMD! That was soooo good. Very rich. Mom was amazed that we actually both lapped out of the same small bowl. Lexie went first and then Mom pulled her back so I could get in there, then she let go of Lexie's collar and she went right back in next to me. She's pretty gutsy when food is involved - BOL!


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