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Dear Diary

June 27th 2008 2:11 pm
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I think I might be in big do-do, but I saw Lexie's diary just sitting there by her bed, and I couldn't resist peeking into it. (She always writes in her diary before putting anything down in her online posts. She's very particular and chooses her words carefully.) Here's what I read:

Dear Diary,
In my very favorite group on Dogster, Schnauzers Rule, we are playing The Friendship Game. To play The Friendship Game you go and read the Friendship Thread. Whoever was the last pup to post, you get in line underneath them and tell them why you like them, and then you go to their page and treat them to a rosette.
I logged on and got below my sister-in-law Rudy and told her she was a pawsome pal and fantastic big sister to little Izzy and then I gave her a rosette. Zoe got on below me and said I have a great sense of humor and that I had a lot of tolerance for irritating brothers. I think those two things are related. My therapist says that humor is the highest form of coping.
Anyway, I told Zoe thanks for the rosette and kind words and that I wanted to go back and check the thread to see when my very own special loving kind adorable boypup Zubee was going to post so that I could get underneath him and tell him how much I love him. Then I said goodbye to Zoe and pushed the "send" button.

Oh, dear Dog! That didn't come out right? What will Zoe think of me? Will she think I am just a common tramp? Knowing Zoe, she will understand. She is, after all, a girl pup like me. Oh, dear Diary, I hope this comment I made in all innocence doesn't make it's way all over Dogster. I would be so embarrassed!

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Uh-oh! Here she comes! I gotta put this back or I'll catch it!


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