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Knot Me!

June 25th 2008 9:25 pm
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Mom says I am truly a piece of work. Why, thank you, Mom!

Dad is home all summer cuz he is a school teacher. He teaches kids art. We like art in our house. Anyway, Dad is home and Mom decided that he needs an education so she had him come with me and her to the vet yesterday to meet my doctor and watch me get all those shots. Then he had to pay the vet people as part of his "education." Today Mom told him where the groomer was and had him take me with strict instructions not to let them TOUCH my eyebrows or my beard. A couple hours later Dad came back to get me and paid my bill. Of course, as usual, they had trimmed both my eyebrows and my beard. Mom wonders what part of "don't touch" the groomers don't understand. I told her it was the "don't" part. She was not laughing.

This afternoon I was lying on my big bed (Mom & Dad's bed) and Mom started to pet me so I rolled onto my back for a belly rub. Mom started rubbing and then stopped and told me to STAY. She walked across the room and got the dog brush and started in on my tender belly fur! Ouch! There were knots in there and Mom was mad cuz the groomer shouldn't have left those in there. Mom brushed and brushed and brushed and got them out. I did not enjoy that and I am NOT tellin' Mom what I did to the groomer lady today when she tried to do what Mom just did. So there. Anyway, I am knot free. And I mean that cuz my fur is nice AND I can't leave the yard without a leash.


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