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Weatherman on Drugs!

June 22nd 2008 6:09 pm
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Okay, Mom says that even if the weather person were on drugs, it would have nothing to do with the weather. I don't understand why the heck not, since he gets to tell us what's gonna happen. Mom says the cart doesn't pull the horse. Scratch this diary title. Stick Mom's name in there instead!

We've sure been having wild weather. Rain and then sun, rain and then sun, and then rain AND sun. This past week we've had at least three events that included rainbows, which I think are rather neat. The last one once again went into our neighbor's roof, but Mom still won't let me go down there and scratch on their door to check out the now ginormous pile of bones that must have collected in their attic.

So we've had all this thunder and lightning interspersed with sunshine, rainbows and more rain. Mom walked us this morning and there were muddy places where puddles used to be a few hours earlier. I don't like puddles (who would?) so I generally walk around these puddle "shadows," but my brave sister Lexie just goes right through them. Well, she paid for this behavior after our morning walk by having to get a bath - and I didn't! Yay for me! Lexie says my day is coming though. Something about a trip to the groomer. Yeah, right. She's just trying to scare me. Anyway, later this very same day she chased a brazen chipmunk into a tight corner and she had to squeeze herself down near his hole, right on top of a very wet pile of mud - hence, bath number two! She took it like a schnauzer and hardly complained. Mom says she takes her baths much more readily than I do. Like duh! Who would want a bath? Mom says she loves a good long, hot bath, especially in the winter or when her muscles are sore. No way, Jose! I'd rather go for a walk in the rain, though don't quote me on that. All those puddles . . . yuck!


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