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June 12th 2008 6:14 pm
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Lexie says that Mom ate Chinese and now I am just a Dog while she is a Dragon and I better watch out for her. I have no clue what she is talking about, but I suspect this is another one of her intimidation tactics, aimed at sending me cowering under the bed. NOT! I don't care about any Chinese restaurant placemat. Gimme that piece of paper and I will tear it to ribbons! Tearing things to ribbons is a speciality of mine. I would never hurt my dear older sister, but gee whiz - she can really get in my face. She was really at me yesterday. Mom actually had to step in and break us up. What the heck? Full moon? Mom said it might have had something to do with barometric pressure changes in advance of our latest severe thunderstorm. I thought a change in barometric pressure meant you had to go outside and take a, um, a, well a - poo. Mom said not quite, but that it had to do with meteorology. Yeah, right. Meteorology. Some strange religion having to do with things out in space flying into your yard in the dark and leaving pock-holes. I have heard about loonies like that and their star charts and moon chants and I don't think my Mom is one of them, so why is she pulling that excuse outta her hat? I think she is just stickin' up for Lexie cuz they are both girls and girls get kinda hysterical from time to time, from hour to hour. Dad said that cowering under the bed every now and then is really not so bad of an idea. He said the only reason he doesn't do that himself is that he is allergic to dust mites, and he doesn't fit under there. Hmmmm. Maybe I could sniff out what's under there, just in case I ever do need a place to hide. I think I'll go check it out and report back later.


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