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Beautiful, but Deadly

June 7th 2008 5:51 pm
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One of our pals in Schnauzers Rule recently decided to try one of his Mom's houseplants, a schefflera, and he wound up overnight at the vet after getting really sick. Mom is always telling me not to eat anything that she doesn't pawsonally give me, but hey - if a turkey sandwich drops to the floor, I am so gonna eat it. If another birdie drops outta the sky in front of me, I am gonna at least try and roll in it, if not lick it or somethin'. C'mon! Get real.
Anyway, one of our admin in SR posted a list of common plants poisonous to dogs and it included plants like the schefflera our pal Jesse ate, along with tulip and narcissus bulbs, chrysanthemums, azaleas, and pretty castor bean plants. Mom told me that just three seeds of the castor bean are capable of killing a full grown man! Yikes! Those seeds are kinda small, like milk dud size (not that I would know what a milk dud is - honest!), but they are highly toxic not just to doggies, but humans, too. I am so not gonna touch those things if I ever see them. Other parts of the plant are poisonous as well. That's too bad because they sure are neat looking.


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