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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Storm?

June 5th 2008 6:13 pm
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Lexie! Lexie! Lexie!

Okay, I'm dishing on her right now because she tried to say that my catching that birdie was no big deal. Well, when the thunder and lightning started up in the middle of the night, Lexie came a'runnin' and jumped right up into the bed on top of Mom. (Of course I was already up there, like I always am, but that doesn't mean that I was scared!) Lexie said she wasn't scared at all, but was worried that Mom might be frightened by all the flashing light and noise, so she jumped up there to see if Mom was all right. No matter that she dove under the covers and hid her head!

My sister is really cool and really smart and all, but even she isn't perfect. And I got the birdie!


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