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A-Birding We Will Go

June 4th 2008 9:27 am
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You know, I have been a little surprised by the number of compliments I have received of late after catching my first bird. Of course the positive comments are coming from my canine pals, and not their owners for some reason. Guess the humans sorta feel like my Mom does about killing birds, but I am not a human. I can still feel the rush of actual teeth on feathers. Dog, oh dog - that was pawsitively pawsome.
I figured I should commemorate this auspicious achievement somehow, so I went and made a hashmark on the back door with my front paws. Unfortunately, there are already like a hundred of those there, but I know which one represents bird-kill. It's the one that goes horizontally instead of vertically. That hashmark is special. I am special, for that matter. That bird? He is history. Nice to go down in that, at least. Going down as the renowned Bud the Stud's first kill. He oughta be proud of that as well, though of course he can't because he's dead. Maybe his family is proud. Lexie advised I not ask them this question though since they tend to travel in flocks and she, underestimating my skills, has warned me that once ruffled, they may attack en masse. And she said they aim for shiny things, like eyes. I think she's kidding me. I hope she's kidding me. Gulp.

It's raining a tiny bit outside today. A good day to spend indoors, don't you think?


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