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OMD! I Did It!

June 2nd 2008 12:15 pm
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I finally got one of them pesky birdies in our yard! Woohoo for me! I was so surprised, but surely not as much as he was, BOL! I have been chasing birdies since I moved in here and Lexie always ignores them and tells me to give it up, they're "impossible" to catch. Well, I have so proven her wrong! I got one! I got one!

I was so proud of myself, but Mom looked out the window and saw me tossing that "poor bird" around and she came a'running and spoiled my fun. Poo on that! She actually told me to DROP IT and then she picked that now dead bird up by the toes and put it in the trash! The nerve. I didn't even get time to roll in it, for Pete's sake! There were others, Mom called them starlings, gathered on the power lines and in the surrounding bushes and they were really mad. They were yelling at me and calling me rude names. Kinda ticked me off, the whole experience. I mean, I finally accomplished what I have always wanted to and Mom is disgusted, birdies are screaming disparaging remarks and Lexie pretends it's nothing. Well, I enjoyed it tremendously and now I will be even more determined to add chipmunk, baby bunny and the grand prize SQUIRREL to my goal list. Gotta just remember to hide the catch from Mom at least long enough to get to roll in it next time.


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