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May 19th 2008 5:30 am
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That title came from Chapter two of my recently reviewed book. Cool, hey?

I just want to say that my Mom is a very complex animal. I can't begin to understand her at times, but usually I just ignore her words and pay more attention to her movements and especially her hands. I can tell when she wants to pet me or play with me. A few words seem familiar, like "walk," "treat," and "Nobody!" but today she called me "Louise." That I don't get. That is a girl's name. I am NOT a girl. Geez!

Hmmmm. Mom said "Geez!" before she called me "Louise." I wonder if there is a connection there. She also said something like, "Do you think we could do every other tree this morning?" What's that about? What's the point of walking past a tree without stopping to sniff? I would ask Lexie about these things, but she has been teasing me lately and I don't trust her to give me a straight answer. I think I will google "mom" later when I get a chance. Maybe there's a wiki out there that would help me.


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