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Spring Retreat

April 29th 2008 2:08 pm
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At least that's what it feels like today. It barely got into the low 40s. Mom walked us around the park by the elementary school and I peed on the "No Dogs Allowed" sign. How cool is that? Notice I said we walked around the park, not in the park. I had to at least give whoever planted that sign a p*ss of my mind. (Mom: That's a piece of your mind, Buddy. Now behave yourself before you get us all into trouble!)
Anyway, a big part of a dog's life is . . . well, is . . . you know, walking around parks and . . . Guess what?! Mom took a handful of Fruit Loops and tossed them up into the air in the kitchen and said, "Eat like piggies!" Lexie just stood there, dumbfounded, while I ran around and hoovered them up off the floor. Yum! Youngest child took pity on Lexie and grabbed the last blue O and saved it for her. She was grateful, but a bit sad for having missed out on the motherlode. I would like to say I felt sorry for her, but I never even gave it a thought until now. Oh, well. A growing boy's gotta eat, so I ate!
And you know who taught Mom to do the cereal toss like that? Lexie's very own boypup, Zubee. Apparently his mom does this occasionally and he mentioned it to Lexie and she mentioned it to Mom, but then forgot about the code words "Eat like piggies!" so she wasn't prepared when Mom tossed her cookies. Er, her cereal - Fruit Loops, to be exact. And you know what else? Mom says she thinks there is NO fruit to be had in a Fruit Loop! Can you believe what our government lets us market? No fruit! Mom says there's lots of corn and sugar. Those aren't even fruits, and I know this to be a fact! I also know that I happen to really enjoy corn and sugar. Mom says most people do, unfortunately. I think she said unfortunately because if the humans like it so much, there must not be a lot to go around for pups like me. Always the case, isn't it - humans gobbling up all the good stuff so that we have nothing left but, oh, I don't know - bananas, strawberries, apples . . . stuff like that. I think this country is a bit screwy sometimes. But that's just my opinion.


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