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April 12th 2008 5:34 pm
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Oh, wow. I don't even know where to begin. What a crummy day it has been . . . until now!!! Mom was eating this stuff that smelled very, very good. Then she suddenly - and this is sooo unlike Mom - reached down and gave Lexie and I each a taste! How super-cool is that?! Mom said it was called "shrimp." It was kinda small, but not that small, I mean it made a whole bite. I wouldn't call it a shrimp. Mom said she was gonna call it shrimp anyway. They come from the ocean, so I guess compared with, like, Orcas, they are considered shrimp. Shrimp are delicious!

But wait! It gets even better! Waaaaaaaay better! Mom decided that today was the day we were gonna skip our kibble dinner and try a raw treat. She put this strange, sausage-looking thing - one in each of our food dishes. I ran up to it, took a quick sniff, grabbed the thing and ran all the way upstairs with it. Mom ran after me, shouting, "No! Buddy - come here!" But I would not listen. I thought she wanted to take it away from me. She caught me in the bedroom and scooped me up and carried me all the way back down to the kitchen. I still had the thing clamped in my jaws. I was not about to drop that! It was yummy!
So Mom made me eat what turned out to be a turkey neck in the kitchen. I went right at it and made all sorts of crunching noises. It was so delicious! Lexie didn't know what to do with hers. Mom kept putting it back in front of her and she finally seemed to be getting the hang of it just as I was finishing mine. Of course, Mom shooed me outside for a while and then shut me in the bedroom so that Lexie didn't have to put up with my, "Are you gonna eat that? Are you done with that? Can I have some of that? You aren't going to finish that, are you?" Mom knows me pretty well.
Lexie eventually finished hers and then Mom got us both out of the kitchen so she could give the floors a serious cleaning. She said they needed it anyway, even if we hadn't just smeared raw turkey all over - BOL!

Wow, what an experience! I hope we get to eat those again some day. Mom says next time we'll have to eat them outside. I don't care if it's hailing golf balls - just toss one out and I'll go eat it wherever it lands! Yummy!


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