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Cabin Fever

April 12th 2008 2:00 pm
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It has been raining for the past 2-3 days. The parentals have resorted to our raincoats (yuck) and taken us out regularly after we had all those, ahem, incidents the first rainy day. Today the rain has changed to snow. We've had two walks already and may even get a third before bed. The cabin fever does do things to your brain after a while, as evidenced by the youngest human child's behavior this afternoon.
I was enjoying a snuggly little nap by the window when I was suddenly ambushed, an arm curled brusquely around my neck and a Nerf dart gun pointed at my head. "Who are you working for!" he barks at me in a gruff voice as low as a 9-yr old voicebox can go. Geez Louise! I wasn't doin' anything!

Thankfully Mom witnessed this and saved me!


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