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Save It For a Rainy Day

April 10th 2008 5:57 pm
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Apparently, I have been saving up all my mischievous behavior for a rainy day, and today was extremely rainy. In fact, it rained constantly all day and I did not want to go outside. So. I went inside. I made a solid mistake in the basement (or two). Then I threw up on Mom and Dad's and my big bed. I cleaned that up again, though. Mom knew I cleaned it up because she watched me eat it, but go figure - she still threw the blanket in the washing machine. That is such a waste of energy and resources. I'm just saying.
Then Mom left for half an hour to take a kid somewhere and I knew that I had my chance. Mom has four bread machines in the basement. (She loves to make bread and sometimes she wants to make it in bulk for school or celebrations - Goodwill sells the machines cheap) I made water right next to one of the bread machines. I figure Mom has four of them, so if I make one a little rusty, she'll still be good. See, I think about these things. Sort of. Well, maybe Lexie helped me formulate this excuse a few minutes later so I would have some sort of defense besides the torrents of rain falling outside.
Mom came home and went down in the basement to check on the blanket in the washer and lo and behold! Her nose led her right to my puddle! I never knew she had it in her. Way to go, Mom!
If that wasn't enough, while Mom was cleaning that up, I went upstairs and sniffed something yummy out of third child's backpack - an entire pack of spearmint-flavored chewing gum! I made a mess of the whole thing all over the carpet. Boy, was third child mad! Sigh.
I have heard the humans say that April showers bring May flowers. I think Mom would have preferred the flowers. Oh, well. Maybe tomorrow will be dry?


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