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Glass, Wet Grass, Lying Around on my Bum

April 8th 2008 2:10 pm
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It was cloudy this morning, but the window manufacturer had called to say that our broken window glass was in. They said to bring in the sash and it would take about an hour to install it. Mom wanted to rush and get this done before any rain fell, because then we would have a hole in our house and rain pouring in. All this to say we didn't get our walks this morning because Mom was out replacing glass. She got home just in time to snap the sash back into the hole in the wall before the rain started. I wanted to run outside on the grass, but when she opened the door for me and I saw the rain coming down, I turned around and came back inside and have been lying around in here ever since. Sigh.

Know what? Birds don't fly so much when it's raining outside. Squirrels must be hiding out someplace dry as well, because I haven't seen any today. That guy with the mailbag came by, as usual. He's got nerve. Mom says he's just got mail, but who wants wet mail? Mom started reciting poetry at this remark, " . . . . neither sleet nor snow nor dark of night - or was that schnauzer bite? . . ." Something kinda like that. I can't remember exactly. Sigh.


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