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My Mommy is Strong!

March 10th 2008 1:19 pm
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Mom and I went outside in the back yard. She continued out into the alley and I watched from inside the fence as she chopped and strained and leveraged huge chunks of ice from the back parking slab. Some of them were thicker than my ears are long! (four inches or more, folks!) Sometimes big continents of ice would break off that were far too large for her to pick up, so she would use the shovel like a lever underneath, lift the chunk a few inches off the ground, hold the chunk up by stepping on the shovel handle, then stomp on the massive thing with her other foot, crushing it into manageable pieces. Then she would lift and shuffle each slab about 20' down the alley to where there was still room to dump it without having to lift it more than a couple feet. It's finally warm enough that bits and pieces are starting to come free. Our house faces south, so the garage out back blocks the sun and the ice doesn't melt until you get far enough away from the garage for the sun to hit it. We'll probably have snow back there in the shadows until June!

Mom stopped at one point and looked at me through the slats of the fence and said, "Too bad you don't know how to work a shovel." Sigh. I often think that myself. Imagine how much fun dinnertime would be?!!


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