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It's a Small World

February 22nd 2008 7:04 am
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Or at least it is on a 'puter. I was barking with my pal, Doolin in New Hampshire and he told me where he gets to go on special off-leash hikes near his house. You can see some photos here: =0&GetHikesStateID=&ID=5579

I am so jealous! I wanna go there and get my halter and leash taken off so I can romp and roam and sniff and bark with my pals! Mom says we are urban dogs and have to be very careful of traffic. We don't get to go off lead very often here unless we're at the dog park or we travel some place where it's safe (and where it's allowed - sheesh).

It is a bearoooootiful day here in the Milwaukee: sunny and warm (20 degrees) with big, fat snowflakes drifting down every so often. We pulled Mom all over the icy sidewalks this morning, and then she pulled us back. No one fell over, which is always a good thing. Mom says smaller humans, younger humans, can fall over pretty good, but older ones don't like it so much. Older ones don't like a lot of what the younger ones like, it seems to me. Just look at Lexie and me: I am lots younger than her, and she is a poop. I'd rather be a verb than a noun in that case.


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