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Look Into My Brown Eyes and Tell Me You'd Get Rid of Me!

February 21st 2008 7:20 pm
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One of our Schnauzers Rule pals recently shared a list with us of some reasons given for surrendering an animal to shelters. The reasons were taken off actual forms used at shelters. They said things like 'trained him to be a guard dog and now he wants to kill me,' or 'we got new furniture and the dog no longer goes with the color scheme,' as well as the things that aren't as shocking, like, 'we're moving and our new apartment doesn't take pets,' or 'it was my kid's dog, but the kid is in college now . . .'

Funny thing is, mom looked at that long, ridiculous list of excuses for giving away a short, furry member of your family and said she could use about 20 of those excuses about me, to be honest. She also said that even though I am "too energetic, chew on things I shouldn't, occasionally have accidents in the house, require grooming 4-5 times a year, rack up vet bills that she's never certain where the money will come from to cover, don't always play perfectly with the younger humans in this house, bark way too often (for a human), roll in unspeakable things, upend garbage bins when I can get at them, steal food when I can get it, steal the humans' (and Lexie's) toys, sometimes smell bad and do not exhibit the best of manners around company," she is still not giving me up. (She then mumbled something about the teenagers being even worse, but I didn't catch all of it.)

I like living in a place where I know I belong and where I know I will belong for the rest of my days. I am a lucky dog.


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