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Valentine's Tag!

February 8th 2008 6:23 am
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I was Valentine-tagged by my sweet, adorable and very understanding friend Greta Grace.
Here are the rules:

In Valentine Day Tag, you write down your five Valentines Day wishes in a diary entry, and then choose five of your pup pals and have them write down five of their wishes, and then they choose five pup pals, and so on and so forth. You have to let your five pup pals know that they have been tagged by pup mail or by giving them a rosette. Have fun! I hope that whatever you wish for comes true!

1) I wish my sister would play with me.
2) I wish for unlimited doggie treats (good one, Greta!).
3) I wish I could catch a squirrel and play with it.
4) I wish I could play with all those doggies I see on my walks.
5) I wish I were allowed to chew on whatever I wanted!

I am sending this on to some of my newer pals:

Chloe 62831
Libby 219133
Sparkle 674551
Brody 691758
Eva Lillian 225074

Happy Valentine's Day!


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