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Buddy's Beat

Trouble, Right Here in River City . . .

January 22nd 2008 1:29 pm
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Trouble with a capital T, which rhymes with B, and spells Buddy, which is ME! Remember that brand new $22 harness that Mom recently bought me and that was working wonders on our walks? Well, I just chewed the buckle off so that it is now utterly unusable! Yippee! Wait. Mom is really, really mad at me right now. First child just asked if we could return it, and Mom said, "No, they'll never take Buddy back now!" First child replied, "No, the harness!" I hope Mom was kidding. Wow. I really made her mad. She said a word I have never heard before. Lexie says that's usually only done when you cross a line.
I didn't even see the line, honest! Where is it so I don't do it again? Mom's eyebrows are all mashy and there are wrinkles over them and between them. She hung my ruined harness on the bedframe by her pillow and when I went over to sniff at it, she BARKED at me - NO! Whoa, Mom. Okay, okay . . . I get the message (for now, for as long as you are in the room or until you aren't looking).
Mom says that since I don't have an allowance, she is tempted to take the replacement cost outta my hide. I don't think I even wanna know what that means. I kindly reminded her of the damage one of the Sassy Six-Pack did to their Dad's hearing aids this past week (thousands of dollars), but she reminded me that they have INSURANCE to hopefully cover the cost of that loss. Rats.
Can we get some doggy-damage insurance? Or does that cost money, too? Is there enough hide here to cover it?


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