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Just a Little Wensleydale? No! Wisconsin Cheddar!

January 19th 2008 7:03 pm
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Do you like my new cheesehead hat and cheesy bowtie? I am all ready for tomorrow's Packer NFC championship game against the NY Giants. I am still very much afraid of Giants, but Lexie explained that it is just a name. She said they could have been named the NY Mice or the NY Crickets or the NY Cotto-Salamis, but they wanted to pick a team name that would instill fear in their opponents. Apparently it has instilled fear in a miniature schnauzer, but no way are The Pack scared! Mom said they are called the Packers because of the meat packing industry here when the team was named. I thought that was really neato, but then again, I suppose they don't have anything to do with meat. Lexie says they could be packing heat (huh?), packing for a weekend getaway (huh?), packing on weight from eating too much cheese (huh?) or packing snowballs. She kinda ruined the whole meat thing for me. I know she's smart and all, but sometimes she's just not sensitive. I like meat and I was so ready to "back The Pack," as they say. I think I still will back them, but I'm not so excited about it anymore. I mean, if they really don't pack meat, well, then who really cares? Mom says a lot of them are beefy, though. I am just so confusticated. I think the best thing for me to do at this point, is to hang out under the coffee table and watch for falling food during the game. Oh, and a whole pack of my pals said they would come over and watch the game with us. After the game, we're gonna go to Duncan's house and play in his snow, and then maybe head down to Kady's house and visit the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. By the time tomorrow is over, I think I will be so virtually exhausted!


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