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January 10th 2008 7:19 am
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I have the house to myself today, and the 'puter, not that I want it this way. Lexie is having her surgery now, and Mom went to drop kids at their respective schools, but she let me get on here to post before she left. That was nice of her, especially since Lexie isn't here to boot me off before I'm done. Well, she doesn't really shove me off, she just sorta mentions food or starts flipping a toy around on the floor below me and I get a bit distracted. Then she moves in and takes over. She's smart that way.
Mom said the vet tech this morning wasn't worried in the least and said this would be a very small and quick procedure for Lexie. Mom was glad to hear that. The anaesthesia is probably a greater concern than the actual surgery, though Lexie's never had any problems with it before during dentals. Me neither. I'm still practicing my sympathy ploys because I know there are sweet potato treats in the house. I have about an ince and a half of bully stick left, too. Where did I put that?

Oh, I hear Mom comin' in the door. Gotta go meet and greet! Bark at ya later . . .


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