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Er, Halt! Or is that the other way around?

January 9th 2008 7:13 am
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My name is Buddy Grau and I am a puller (among other things). While Mom was on a social call to visit Olaf (see yesterday's news), she stopped in the Humane Society's shop and bought this thing called a Softouch harness. It looks like a collar, but it goes more places. I got to wear it yesterday, but not with a leash. Today she put on the leash and I used it for our morning walk (in the sunshine, I must add). Weird. I am not used to feeling tugs like that on my tummy, chest and back. I didn't pull so hard today. In fact, Mom said she felt more tension on the other leash - you know who! I heard her say she is gonna go back there and buy another one of these halters in a girlie color!

We go to Great-Oma's house up north for the weekend, so she is planning on getting another before we leave. Hmmmm. Great-Oma has a cat. I wonder if she'll make me wear this harnessy thing inside near the cat? As I remember from our last visit, Gypsy doesn't like us very much. All I wanted to do last time was play with her. Lexie says that most cats don't like to be "played with." You "play with" a sock, not a cat. Socks just don't play back.


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