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Ya Call That Cozy?

January 3rd 2008 6:52 pm
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Lexie got this big honkin' package in the mail today - a belated Christmas present, she calls it. Why doesn't she just call it late? Fancy-schmancy all the time.
Anyhowl, she got a bright red cozy cave bed in that big ol' box. It's like a powder puff sherpa bed with a hood on top, a "retractable" hood, she tells me. Well, I guess if you're not sleepin' in the BIG bed, like me, ya oughtta have somethin' a bit fancy-dancy. I just don't think they trust me around here because Mom took Lexie and her new bed upstairs, shut me outta the bedroom, and let Lexie have first go at it - with treats and everything! Mom said she needed treats to coax Lexie into the thing. Have you ever heard of a schnauzer havin' to be COAXED into bed? How funny is that? Hey, I would loll around in bed any time, except during meal time, walk time, play time, car ride time, treat time, goin'-visitin' time, potty time or meal time. But other than those few times, I still would not require coaxing to lie around. I mean, coaxing is nice and all. I wouldn't reject coaxing or anything - don't get me wrong. It's just silly to have to be coaxed into bed. Hey, wait a minute. Maybe Lexie is onto something with this coaxing thing. I gotta watch her more carefully. I wonder if she'll get coaxed to the vet tomorrow, or to the groomer next month. I never thought of this before, but maybe if I show the parentals that I NEED a little coaxing . . .
Aw, Mom . . . I just don't feel like going potty outside. It's soooo cold out there. Maybe a little coaxing would help me . . . hehehe.


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