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I am not a puppy!

December 27th 2007 7:02 pm
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I just realized that Lexie has been calling me a puppy! I resemble that comment! (Okay, that's an old one - sorry) But truly, how long can she get away with this? Just because she's seven and I'm only about 17 months old doesn't mean she gets to call me childish names!

I just spoke with Mom. She said she took a RealAge test online for dogs and that Lexie is about 29 years old in human terms, well past the legal adult age of 21. I, on the other paw, am about 11 human years old, the same age as third child, who is in no uncertain terms NOT an adult. She is what they call a "pre-teenager," an emotional time bomb, a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde-here comes acne-am I pretty?-you just don't understand me-sweet & sour kind of little woman/child monster. That's not how Lexie sees me, is it? That is ridiculous. Say, have you seen any grapes rolling around in here? I mean, I cannot be compared to third child in any way. She doesn't even have fur on her chest. Was that a door opening out back? She wears glasses, too, and I can see just fine without any. I wonder if Mom's other slipper is around here somewhere? Do I smell biscotti? What were we talking about?


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