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Twisted Sister

December 27th 2007 10:49 am
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I think all this fame is going to her head. I mean, just because she gets her diary picked about once a month doesn't mean she really has anything to say. I've heard her talk and it doesn't amount to much. She tells me to keep off the bed - yeah, right. I like it up there. It's so much more comfy than my bed on the cold, hard floor. There are human heaters up there and they are cuddly. Besides, I have trained them to not only let me sleep with them, but each night I creep up higher on the bed towards the pillows. Pretty soon I'll be right under the covers between them. I know a good thing when I see it. So phooey on her.
Well, I guess I am kinda proud of her. She knows lots more words than I do, and even when she doesn't know the word, she has Merriam-Webster bookmarked. I guess I just have better things to do, chew, sniff out and bark at. I mean, who cares anyway . . . right?

I wonder why they don't pick me?


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