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Bucket O' Love

December 20th 2007 6:31 pm
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Mom says I am a bucket of love. Jasmine just treated me to both a rosette and a star! I feel like a bucket of love! I feel so loved by everyone, I think I need to jump up and down a few hundred more times!

Dad is away for work tonight. I get to sleep in his spot in the big bed. Fourth child thinks he gets to, but I just know I can pull my Alpha act on him and shove him outta the way. Mom says I have to be more careful with him because sometimes when I get carried away with my playing, I make him cry. I don't mean to be rough, but hey - he always wants to play with me, and besides, he tastes good. The littler the kid, the better they taste cuz the littler the kid, the more food they tend to wear on their faces, hands and clothing. Good lickin', that!

Well, since Dad is away and Mom has that yucky cold still hanging on, second child has been assigned our walk duty. I wish it were Mom or Dad, instead of second child. Second child just wants to "get it over with," while Lexie and I want to sniff, pee, sniff, pee, sniff, pee . . . you get the picture. Second child doesn't have what they call patience. I don't either, so I can relate, but I do covet my walks. I hope Mom has The Talk with him before our walk tonight. I hope she bribes him with food so that he takes his time with us. I can be bribed with food, too. Gee, me and second child seem to have a lot in common. Unlike fourth child, who wears treats, second child just takes food into his room and we raid his space after he goes to school in the morning. He drops and leaves behind all sorts of good things. I love it when Mom forgets to close his bedroom door - yum!

Gotta go - walk time!


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