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Our Very Own Tree!

December 15th 2007 7:41 pm
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There's a tree smack in the middle of the living room! Our very own tree! Mom put lights all over it and now the kids are hanging chew toys on all the branches! Gee - this is gonna be fun! It smells really good, too.

Mom just sat me down and had a serious talk with me. I am not to go near "the tree." I am not to touch anything on, around, in or under the tree. Now I know how Adam and Eve felt. I am not allowed to drink any of the sweet smelling water in the bowl under the tree and I may NOT under any circumstances MARK the tree as my own. Oh, and the things hanging from it are not my chew toys. They are called ornaments and they are precious and dear. I can't touch those either. Lexie says the tree and everything on it is for Santa Paws. Phooey! If you get the tree, Mr. Paws, I should at least get a Furrari.


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