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Snowflakes like Dinnerplates!

December 11th 2007 10:13 am
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Dad turned on the news early this morning and found out we were having a "Snow Day!" Since Dad's a teacher, he got to stay home with Mom and the kids and US! Dad played with me a whole lot on the bed and I had such fun. Mom videotaped the entire thing, but then found out the camera wasn't working. She took us outside and tried again while the biggest snowflakes I've ever seen were falling from the sky like frisbees, even making noise as they fell. Mom says they were clumps of lots of flakies stuck all together so they looked ginormous.

The video isn't that enthralling, except you get to see some of the biggest snowflakes ever and you get to see my famous "shake until you get dizzy and almost fall over" move. I hate to admit it, but I actually have fallen over pulling off that dance, back when I was a few pounds lighter and unsure on my feet. Yesterday I tried it on a patch of ice and went into slow-motion, accomplishing basically nothing that a good shake should, other than causing Mom to have a laughing fit that looked something like today's video shake - BOL!


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