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Howlin' Good and Tinkle Treats!

November 29th 2007 9:16 am
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It is kinda cold today. Mom said 17 degrees this morning, which sounds like teenaged cold. I guess I felt a bit chilly out there, but then again, there were birdies to be chased so I quickly forgot about the weather.

Mom and Dad have started a new game with me. I think it's called "Potty." You play by going outside with at least one pawrent. They pretend they don't want to play, but that's just a ruse, a ploy, a subterfuge. They stare at me and say the potty words, "Go potty, Buddy," and other things sorta like that. I finally get bored because they don't play with me, so I wander off and go pee or poo. Then they get all excited and jump up immediately and say, "Good potty!" and I get a big fat treat! I love this game! Lexie says it's only cuz I sometimes do it in the house and they want me to learn to get down to business when I'm outside. Who really cares? I'll tinkle for treats any day!
* * *
Mom played a video on the 'puter this morning. It was a video of a schnauzer howling his head off. I heard it and jumped up to see what was amiss. I thought it was outside the window, but Mom lifted me up to see the monitor and this adorable little grey doggie was lifting his head up and singing at the ceiling! What fun is that! I joined right in. For some reason that video got played over and over again. Mom and Lexie looked really happy and giggly the whole time. Well, whatever wags your tail, I guess. Arrrrooooo!


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